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June 2009 News and information for NorthMarq's Servicing customers  
Karen Pribnow's Corner
If your commercial loan is headed for trouble, what do you do?
In the current economic climate, many borrowers have properties that are no longer performing according to the underwriting expectations and who, as a result, are now feeling anxiety in the face of their obligations under their loan documents. There are things you can do as a borrower to mitigate these circumstances and work through these difficult times. Read more...
Survey Results
Thank you for your feedback!
You responded and we listened. In October we e-mailed a survey asking for your feedback and received 601 responses indicating that we are meeting or exceeding expectations for the majority of our customers. More than 70% rated our overall quality of service as either good or excellent. What changes are we making as a result of the survey? Continue reading...
In the News

We're Growing!

While other companies are fighting to survive, NorthMarq is expanding, as evidenced by the addition of two new loan production offices, one in San Diego and one Seattle.

How many offices do we have and how are we able to expand in this economic climate? Learn more...
Employee Spotlight
Employee spotlightWho is the driving force behind many new business systems to serve our customers? Find out...
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As of June 15, 2009
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Total Loans 5,348

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Innovations in Servicing
Changes to UCC fee processing and efficiencies in insurance save you time and money
NorthMarq Servicing is always on the lookout for ways to improve our loan servicing systems to deliver even better service to our borrower customers, while improving our own efficiency. Two recent examples of system improvements are paying UCC fees by credit card and re-designing the work of our insurance unit. Read more about the impact of these projects...
ledgerWhat's Up?
Financial statements: 'Tis the season
The grass is finally green, the birds are chirping, and folks are out golfing. That means it's financial statement season! This is always a hectic time for us at NorthMarq, with more than 5,000 financial statements to process. What's different this time is that lenders, spooked by the horror show that is our national economy, are poring over borrowers' financial statements as though they each contain the Da Vinci Code. What does this mean for you? Continue reading...
Stamp Out Hunger logoIn the Community
NorthMarq (Food) Servicing
While NorthMarq is all about delivering great loan origination and loan servicing to our customers, we are also mindful of the wider world beyond our offices. NorthMarq's Minneapolis office recently made donating a (slightly) competitive event in conjunction with the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Read more...