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Karen Pribnow's CornerNorthMarq’s Servicing Council: Engine for Loan Servicing Improvement
One of the most refreshing and inspiring developments of 2012 at NorthMarq was the spontaneous creation of a new team of employees dedicated to building stronger connections between Servicing’s work groups and other departments within the company with the goal of improving the service we deliver to our lenders and borrowers. I’ve invited two leaders who spearheaded this remarkable effort to tell the story…
Jon MillerIndustry Insights
Retailers Navigate the Amazon and Urban Jungles
Two of the most profound challenges currently facing the retail industry have been brewing for some time. The first is e-commerce, and the second is the gradual demographic shift of aging Baby Boomers and their offspring (Echo Boomers) to urban areas. This shift to urban living is creating “greyfield” development opportunities for real estate and causing retailers to evaluate their overall strategies. Read more... 
Employee Spotlight
Employee spotlightThis resilient and adaptable supervisor thought international business was her calling. She's been working in the mortgage banking industry since microfiche was the new way to store documents. Who is this person?
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Rachel LockettIndustry Insights
‘Tis the Season for Fraud Prevention and Information Security
The weakest link in any data security model is almost always the humans who interact with the system. A company may have all the firewalls and intrusion detection software available, but the entire system can still be compromised by one employee tricked into giving up a password. How does NorthMarq combat this data security risk? Keep reading to find out...
Reminder imageYear-End Reminders and Tips
'Tis also the season to start preparing for year end. Here are some reminders for our borrowers regarding year-end financial opportunities and obligations associated with your loans and a little insight into 2013 property insurance rates...
hurricaneWhat's Up at NorthMarq?
Managing Hurricane Sandy as an Insurance Event
Although final estimates are not yet in, Hurricane Sandy is likely the largest Atlantic hurricane on record in terms of physical size and possibly the second largest in terms of property damaged. We asked our borrowers for damage assessments on more than 1,700 loans while being mindful of the balance between getting information for our lenders quickly and respecting our borrowers’ difficult and possibly harrowing situations. Read more...