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Karen Pribnow's CornerWe’ve Come a Long Way, Baby: Changes in Commercial Mortgage Insurance Compliance, 2001-2011
Lately I've been pondering the tremendous changes we have seen in the commercial mortgage loan servicing industry in the past 10 years. Nowhere have these changes been more profound than in the area of commercial insurance, as lenders have sought to secure their commercial real estate investments against a host of perceived new risks. In response, primary servicers like NorthMarq have had to rethink how we do insurance. A “then and now” comparison of NorthMarq’s insurance unit illuminates the magnitude of the changes.. Read more...
messy filesWhat's Up at NorthMarq?
The World According to GARP
Does your organization have comprehensive rules and standards in place to handle the volumes of information generated by a 21st century business? If you work in a library, established rules govern how and where everything is filed. In most other organizations, things are slightly less organized, and in some cases the crush of information threatens to make the “library” resemble a house featured on a reality TV show about hoarding. GARP aims to change all that. Read more... 
Employee Spotlight
Employee spotlightSomeone's drive to be “in the game” and to “have control” has served him (and NorthMarq well) as he puts his skills to work to improve efficiency in Servicing.
Find out who he is.... 
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Tim GustinGuest Column
Freddie Mac Revives CMBS Market: Capital Markets Execution Revisited
Securitized loans are making a comeback, and their greatest success thus far has been through the Freddie Mac CME program. How are CME securitized loans different than CMBS loans? How successful have they been? What do they tell us about the state of the commercial lending market? Moss & Barnett's Tim Gustin is an excellent guide to these subjects. Learn more and read Tim's article
earth, recyclingInside Look
The Green Life at NorthMarq’s Corporate Office 
NorthMarq has made an effort in all areas of the workplace to go green. Our thought process around here is easy: reduce, reuse and recycle! We’d like to share a few of the ways NorthMarq’s corporate office has made an effort to be green. Learn more...