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Karen Pribnow's CornerBanking Issues Are Intertwined with Commercial Loan Servicing Issues
With more than forty years in the mortgage banking industry, I can recall a time when banks were institutions that held loan-related funds in a rather docile way. But those days are now long gone, and banks have become—to use a term that is also new since my early days in the industry—a “stakeholder” in the day-to-day decisions NorthMarq makes in servicing its commercial mortgage loan portfolio. How did this happen? Read more...
Team building imageAn Inside Look
Team Building "On a Dime"
With the coming of the financial meltdown, mortgage banking firms have gone into cost-cutting mode, and budgets for employee development have tightened. It appears these activities will have to wait for an upturn in the economy. But we refused to accept this grim formulation. Here's an inside look at some of our recent team building activities. Continue reading...
Employee Spotlight
Employee spotlightWe have two new Investor Accounting supervisors to share this Spotlight. This change in leadership is quite a story. Who is this dynamic duo?

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Envelope with arrow iconInnovations in Servicing
Improved Customer Service Through Automation: NorthMarq Pushes the (Electronic) Envelope
In 2010 NorthMarq’s Servicing and IT groups are collaborating on two major initiatives, one to more effectively issue reminder letters to borrowers and the other to more efficiently move and track loan-related funds held by NorthMarq. Read more about these efforts...
What's Up?
The Ratings Are In!
In the past six months NorthMarq has received substantial feedback on its commercial loan servicing operation from two sources: Standard & Poor’s periodic “Servicer Evaluation” and the results of NorthMarq’s 2009 lender survey. Our S&P Servicer rating was Above Average by all three measures, and our lender survey provided some valuable feedback. Learn more...