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December 2009 News and information for NorthMarq's Servicing customers  
Karen Pribnow's CornerAverting Business Disaster: NorthMarq Plans for a Pandemic
As NorthMarq’s Managing Director of Servicing, I am mindful of the threat of influenza-based disruptions to NorthMarq’s loan servicing operation. Since the Bird Flu scare of a few years ago, I have been preparing NorthMarq’s Servicing unit not just to recover from an influenza disaster but to avert a business disaster—or at least minimize its impact—and continue providing the important services expected by our customers. I want to share with you the steps that NorthMarq has taken to create a “battle plan.” Read more...
Year-End Reminders
‘Tis the busy Holiday season and, like our customers, NorthMarq is busy preparing for year-end financial reporting. We'd like to share some tips for our borrowers regarding year-end financial opportunities and obligations associated with your loans. Continue reading...
Employee Spotlight
Employee spotlightSomeone has a reputation at NorthMarq for building strong, effective teams focused on the needs of customers. He didn’t get this reputation by accident.  Who is it?

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As of December 15, 2009
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Total Loans 5,546

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Technology platform diagramInnovations in Servicing
NorthMarq’s 2009 Technology Award Nomination
NorthMarq has been honored as a finalist for Mortgage Technology Magazine’s “Servicer of the Year” award for 2009. This award recognizes the servicer who delivers “the optimal servicing of mortgage loans by using technology to ensure effective communications with borrowers, attorneys and lenders." Read more about our nomination and use of technology...
What's Up?
NorthMarq Embarks on “Commercial Certified Mortgage Servicer” Training Program
NorthMarq Servicing strives to continuously improve its loan servicing operation. In recent years, we focused our improvement efforts on our business systems. Late last year we also recognized the need to systematically upgrade the working knowledge and skills of our own Servicing employees. Learn more about the training program...
In the News
NorthMarq Adds More Than 350 Loans to Servicing Portfolio
Almost 20 established production personnel joined NorthMarq this year, additions that have enabled NorthMarq to open three new loan production offices. In the wake of those new offices opening, NorthMarq added more than 350 loans to its serviced loan portfolio from 18 different lenders. Learn more...